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There are a few things that make us humans different from any other living being, the ability to talk, think and express ourselves through art. It is believed that Neanderthals painted inside the caves, and described their everyday life. Over the years we have learned to observe art as something valuable. But over the years, we have become hard-hearted and disconnected ourselves from the world around us and there are some instances where we may not feel as strongly enough about a global issue. It is found that giving people access to data will often leave us disconnected and less empowered and poised for action but showing people a good artwork resembling the issue can speak to our senses directly.

We know the feeling of being moved by a work of art, whether is it a song, a play, a poem, or a novel. We feel moved as we are transported to a new place. Our thinking is renewed as we begin to look at the world with a different mindset. Until recently, art education was considered to be a useless subject that has no contribution to the world and education. But today, it has been proven that participating in the arts is fundamental to improving learning.

In recent years, more and more schools have realized the importance of art education and included it in the curriculum. It is found that art education helps creativity and helps foster a positive culture and climate in school which is transferred to the home environments. Art helps develop critical thinking

What is Critical thinking?

These days, the ability to grasp the logical connection between ideas is a necessary skill, there is so much information coming at all of us at any given moment. It is the ability to think clearly and rationally, and to look carefully given the information and come to a conclusion that it is rational. It is a skill that is difficult for people to learn most often, but one which is very important as it helps one to make informed decisions and solve a problem. Those who engage in critical thinking are constantly questioning ideas and assumptions rather than just accepting what is being provided.

It is proven that art education teaches students to observe the world more closely. When analyzing an artwork, it is necessary to examine and consider all the details of a painting to fully understand it. This process of observing and studying helps a student to carefully observe and analyze the world around them. And that skill is the foundation of critical thinking.

What is important to remember is that the art of developing critical thinking through artistic expression is not limited to children. Whatever the age, art is for everyone as there is no age to enjoy and create a beautiful piece of art.

How does art improve critical thinking?

Critical thinking tends to incorporate logical and rational thinking and steers clear from instinct, which people may think of as a hindrance to creativity. Critical thinking requires thinking out of the box, rather than taking popular approaches, a thinker challenges the consensus. So if you think about it, critical thinking is absolutely necessary for creativity. Art education teaches students to observe the world more closely. As mentioned, Art educators, encourage people to observe the world from many different angles. Most often good art is very complex and consists of layers of meanings. It takes time to find, examine and consider these many layers. It may require an analysis of many factors which is the foundation of critical thinking.

Why does it matter?

One might think that art and critical thinking are not important if your path leads you to work in research or law, but on the contrary, it is quite vital. Even if it does not involve a certain profession, being a critical thinker is important to lead life.

Knowing how to receive information, consider it clearly, and then use it to systematically solve problems is an asset for any career. In the present world, there is a demand for workers to be able to analyze information from diverse sources and integrate it to find solutions. Language and presentation skills are also enhanced through this. Critical thinking promotes creativity