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Lanka Monthly Digest (30/08/2021) -

Online art galleries and purchasing art online are somewhat new concepts for Sri Lanka, but the global art market is one with a huge exponential growth. For example, the global online art market doubled its value over the last 2 years from $6 to $12 billion (2019/2020) and is expected to further increase. It is certainly easier, straight forward and with the present pandemic, is the most intelligent method of marketing. But how reliable is it to purchase art online and what makes some stand out from the rest?

Aartzy is an eCommerce platform for artists and art appreciators! It is a global online store for professional and emerging artists to showcase their artistic talents to a worldwide audience and receive the recognition and appreciation that is worthy of their artistic efforts. If you are a creator of art in any form, be it paintings, sculptures, photography, digital design, professional giclee, mixed media, there truly is no limit on how one wishes to be creative, Aartzy ( is the place for you!

Aartzy is welcoming of any creator who believes that their artistic expression is no longer limited to being admired in a traditional manner where physical viewing of an artwork is a necessary prerequisite for validation or acceptance of their creativity. The objective behind this brilliant venture is to create an art and crafts platform for talented local artists to display their work and for international customers to obtain high quality art, in their preferred design at competitive prices.

Aartzy is the brainchild of Janaka Perera, a professional with over 2 decades of experience in Business Administration. He identified the need in the Sri Lankan market for a platform for local artists to sell their works. Although on par in terms of talent with any international artist, most local artists don't have adequate opportunities to display and promote their work and obtain the recognition for their efforts. Janaka realized the immense talent, the lack of representation and the struggles they face and took it upon himself to create this wonderful platform for Sri Lankan artists.

Their operations began in 2018, in Sri Lanka as a simple online store which sells paintings, sculpture and digital prints. This curated site provides a wide range of art, systematically categorized to minimize the complexity of locating a preferred piece. They have an extensive art collection on display which are clearly and competitively price marked. Aartzy provides a certificate of authenticity with every purchase thereby confirming the original work of the artist.

While the need to generate revenue is necessary Janaka does not believe in doing so at the expense of the artist nor the buyer. They make sure it is a win-win situation for all parties as supporting a local artist not only helps build his/ her career but indirectly supports a greater community. The team takes on the responsibility of promoting the artwork, including sales, marketing, promotions, pricing strategies, content development & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; processing and all related attributes which would otherwise be the responsibility of the artists. Aartzy takes care of all the above mundane aspects while offering artists the freedom to do what they do best which is to create beautiful, exquisite artworks.

Buyers are given the assurance that all paintings and sculptures are hand-made by respective artists. An online platform, such as Aartzy is an extremely convenient method for art works to be purchased as you also get a feel for how the painting will look on your wall. They also have an efficient team who are readily available to answer all customer queries. The art pieces are sold at an all-inclusive rate and shipped to the buyer directly. Aartzy delivers worldwide through trusted courier partners, thereby giving its buyers from all corners of the world the chance to purchase beautiful art and promises that the wait is most certainly worthy.

Aartzy has come into the market at the most opportune time, giving hope to local artists who would otherwise need to depend on conventional promotional methods which were proven to be mostly ineffective especially, with existing global challenges. Over the years, Aartzy has established their position in the market with supplying quality products with an excellent customer service. In 2020, Aartzy was recognized with the award, 'Canadian Art Store of the Year 2020/21' which was offered by 'The Corporate Livewire Canada Prestige Awards' team, recognizing their product and service effectiveness, commitment, professional approach and success of their operations.

Artists who are already partnered with Aartzy, are grateful to Janaka and his team as they have been able to reach a greater audience, improve their livelihood and make their presence felt through the platform. With the recognition amongst the art fraternities, many artists have approached Aartzy to display their work. While the initial focus was on Sri Lankan artists, they have now opened doors to international artists as well, honoring the overwhelming response they continue to receive, which makes them a true global brand.

Art is a progressive method of communication and will always thrive given the right nudge needed to move forward and Aartzy is one of the few platforms which provides artists the opportunity to go beyond the norms and create the unimaginable. The future holds many exciting opportunities as they plan to expand their venture. Janaka believes that their commitment and professional approach towards the business has been imperative in sustaining the operation even through turbulent times and achieving early international recognition. Aartzy has truly been a beacon of hope for all professional and emerging artists from all corners of the globe.

If you are an artist and would like us to represent you, please read the information in Seller Conditions and Selling on Aartzy links. Once you are clear with the details, kindly share your details on Join as a Seller.

The platform will be undergoing a transformation soon with new features and paid sections with additional benefits to artists. However, the Aartzy team urges all artists who wish to make use of the free offerings to get in touch with them urgently. This is an asset created with local artists in mind and taking advantage of such free tools should be at the top of the mind of all Sri Lankan artists. As with Aartzy, you can always talk about your expressions globally.

Manesha Pieris