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We are all curious to know what the next year will bring us in terms of new-age art. This article hopes to give a glimpse of the emerging artists of 2023.

Emma Stern

This New York-based artist Emma Stern uses a traditional oil on canvas to mimic sculptures made with 3D technology. She also uses iridescent pastel works and merges futuristic and fantasy themes to create her version of feminist and empowering pieces. This year, 2022, Emma Stern had her solo exhibition titled "Booty" which opened at the half gallery in New York City. She pays great attention to detail and is ambitious in her work. Beautiful motifs of empowering women to shine through her work.

Tala Madani

Tala Madani is an Iranian- American artist who creates fascinating mind-bending images that reflect current issues regarding gender issues and political authority. Her paintings/ creations are thought-provoking and use slapstick humor to create understandable metaphors for the message she is trying to convey. Her work has been displayed internationally, from Tokyo to Stockholm and London.

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger

Frida Jaeger's paintings are borderline sculptures and evoke a futuristic feel. In her multi-paneled paintings, Toranzo creates an elaborate scene that is almost 3-dimensional-like. Her latest installation Autocanvasive is a multi-canvas of a series of her futuristic take on vehicles.

Kathryn Macnaughton

Canadian Artist Kathryn Macnaughton successfully combines expressionism and geometric figures while employing shadow tricks and curvy elements to create natural and feminine pieces. She has had her work presented in several renowned galleries around the world. Mixing abstraction and reality, her pieces bring a fresh perspective on abstract art.

Sara Sadik

Sara integrates technology into her work and has created visuals using the computer game Grand Theft Auto and Ultimate Vatos to create the effect of watching from behind the scenes of a video game. In her intimate installations and has given new life to technology and seamlessly combines it with artistic and futuristic elements.

Mimosa Echard

A French visual artist, Mimosa Echard has made her mark in the art world by creating art inspired by the coexistence of living and non-living and human and non-human. Her works include the integration of medicinal plants to create hybrid ecosystems. Echard's installations have gone international, and her exhibits never fail to awe.

Dana-Fiona Armour

Dana studied in Paris, where she became fascinated by the comparison between human and non-human existence. Combining science and art, she has assigned a much deeper and more investigative meaning to the craft. Her work is proof that there is truly no limit to artistic expression.

Teboho Makoatsa

Teboho was born in South Africa and was mentored from a young age by Daniel Novela. Teboho moved to Johannesburg to study art. He enrolled in art classes. He quickly outgrew the art group and continued to paint and experiment on his own. His extensive series titled "Heels" began just over a year ago. His description of the paintings read as "A girl child is fascinated by following her mom's footsteps. It is so surprising to learn that children generally have minds that are ready to capture anything they come across". Thousands of people have found a connection to his beautiful series of works.

Jason Farley

Over the last summer, Jason Farley has been experimenting with the artwork he has been creating for decades. The Chicagoan took inspiration from contemporary surrealism, then added a world of beauty, luxury, and raw human emotion. This was the work he had been longing to create. With a previous portfolio rooted in a pop culture theme, the artist transitioned his newest series to include nuances of personal experience.

Lixan Cai

Lixan Cai is a famous painter in Asia and has been selling her artwork for well over a decade. Yet the United States is a brand new territory for her. She is multidisciplinary including oil painting, sculpture, animation, and multimedia. She had one of the largest booths, displaying some unbelievably detailed portraits at a recent art fair in Chicago.


Chad Christian, aka Chadwick, is an artist from the Midwest. Each piece displayed masks the identity of its subject with micro-shreds of paint for a textural element we haven't seen much of before.

There are many more artists to look out for in the year 2023, as you can see, the bar is set very high with many talented artists making their entry into the world of art. It will indeed be an exciting new year with such a variety of talent!