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The remarkable Indonesian and world-record breaking artist, Arya Trimni Putra is a multi talented artist from Bali, Indonesia.
His artistic career started with a personal tragedy and it paved the way to him becoming an artist who has impressed and encouraged many across the world.

Arya is a full-time artist with a commitment of giving back to the community. In early 2019, Arya completed the phenomenal feat of painting 1,000 abstract paintings in a period of 30 days, a record that is documented by the Indonesian World's Records Museum (MURI).
Arya says "I believe that art as a communication medium must express emotion. My passion is to explore subjects that portray all aspects of peoples' lives, including their spirituality, feelings and the way they express themselves. I am committed to devoting the very best of myself to the project in the hope of inspiring the community with my spirit and energy".
Here we offer the latest collection of Arya, where he has showcased some of his best work. His collection can be accessed from
Check his work and be awed...