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Due to his passion for the arts, it is the involvement of a modern artist who has succeeded in his journey, in the midst of a series of unsuccessful artists, to study his own skills and to improve his artistic skills.

It is the only commercial and modern art gallery open in Colombo to free up the new artist and art scene beyond the traditional Asian art tradition. The arbitrary dream of the artist is based on the experience of the founders of the art gallery. Gallery FourLife is the origin of the goal.

Thousands of new artists exchange their ideas and aspirations for individual, group art exhibitions and art workshops, including art workshops and multi-faceted international workshops. Maximum Freedom A studio has been created from the art space that is free to operate freely.

The gallery offers a wealth of help and benefits through social media, Gallery FourLife website, international online eCommerce platform; and various articles, introducing new artists and creatives, as well as providing them with the opportunity to view and master the artwork.

It is a modern art gallery that is capable of aesthetically and commercially integrating works of art, including corporate responsibility.

GalleryFourLife Art Gallery is an open invitation for all artists and fans interested in the art to join hands at any time.

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Telephone Number - + 94112586730 / + 94775804504

Address -

Gallery FourLife

No 26, Boteju Road,

Colombo 005

Sri Lanka.

Yashika Dayani Pitigala, 2020