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To be an artist is to be someone with a limitless number of expressions. To be able to discover your art style, you need to have discovered yourself as an artist first. If you have not made this realization, it is almost impossible to discover your authentic style. There are many styles of art, and it can be challenging to find a style that suits your creative talent. This is not something which happens overnight, but something which takes time and practice to develop. Discovering this style, will require you to look at every aspect from technique, composition, colors, the subject and more. In this ever evolving

There is an abundance of art styles which are to explored, some quite contemporary, others a more modern approach. All these are unique to one another and is an expression the artist's feeling. Expressing your style can be done through painting, drawing, sculptures and other art forms such as fashion and music. Finding your style, needs to include discovering if you prefer muted or bright shades. It is not necessary to know about all these in detail, but it is good to have a foundation to build upon in future. Impressionism, Fine art, Abstract art, Modern, Contemporary, Cubism are a few of the many styles within the painting and drawing categories.

To begin with, explore a few styles of art, and keep a note on them. Write down what draws your attention, the use of colors, the subject matter, if it was an abstract or a realistic painting. Then choose a characteristic on each of these styles and practice it. As you go through different experiences in life, the art techniques and/or style you chose to express your emotions will change. You have the freedom to incorporate these changes as you find suitable. Through this article, we will also look at a few more structured methods of discovering your Art style, to begin with;

Follow Artists you love

This does not mean to copy their work to the dot, but collect ideas by observing their work, learn the techniques and designs and make them your own by adding your own creative input. By following Artists, you draw inspiration, it doesn't necessarily need to be a painter, but a cartoonist, photographer or even a designer. Many artists have their own Facebook page and a website where you can go and view their art. Whilst these portals will help you learn the techniques; it is important to remember that it is only for learning purposes.

Search for Inspiration

This world, your surroundings are full of inspiration. You just need to be observant. It may be landscapes, the movements of the birds, or even people. What matters is to observe and learn. If you are feeling uninspired, just imagine, the color palette of nature itself is just so vast! Taking time to learn new skills and gain new perspectives is a way to find your art style. But it is always important to remember that it does not happen overnight, but takes time, effort and energy to improve and excel in your chosen art form.

Continue to practice

Art is something you need to practice to excel, going over things in your mind will not help. A real artist will need to feel the brushwork, the paint and the texture on canvas! Make time every day to paint a picture of your choice and involve a new technique you may have researched or seen. Trying it with your own hands will teach you if it is something you prefer to continue, a technique you can master and will suit your style or something you need to let go.

As an Artist, it is necessary to challenge yourself and try new ideas. If you assume you cannot do it, it will stunt your learning. You may make mistakes, but that is allowed as you are on the learning process. Remember, whatever you do, to enjoy the task. It is easy to get demotivated when certain things don't work out as planned. But, keep trying and practicing, Art is a beautiful medium with so much to explore and learn.

Manesha Peiris (2022)