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From now on we will start the most interesting series of Aartzest articles collection. It is about Greek mythology and the special arts such as paintings and sculptures associated with mythology. Greek mythology is a topic that has won a lot of readers' love. So, from now on, we bring you a series of articles related to Greek mythology.

From the first episode, we are ready to talk about the legend of Pandora. Pandora is one of the most beautiful women in Greek mythology. Her specialty is that Pandora is the first ordinary woman to come to the human world. How did that happen? We are ready to talk about it.

Looking at the legend of Pandora, there is a very beautiful back story. The birth of Pandora dates back to the beginning of human life.

According to Greek mythology, two Titans named Prometheus and Epimetheus created life in the world. The birth of life is too interesting a topic to talk about in a separate topic, so we will talk about it another day. According to the legends, Prometheus and Epimetheus were the last people to be created after the creations. Prometheus and Epimetheus had a deep interest in people. That's why Prometheus brings the fire that was only with the gods in the Olympics to the people. Prometheus does not ask Zeus, the leader of the Greek church, to bring this fire. Zeus is very displeased with this incident. So, Zeus punishes Prometheus. We will talk about that punishment another day.

For giving this punishment, Zeus wants to punish people too. That's where he meets this exceptionally beautiful woman, Pandora. Pandora is the punishment sent to humans by Zeus. The name Pandora means gift. But this is a punishment sent as a gift. Zeus orders Hephaestus to create Pandora. The legend says that Hephaestus got the full support of beautiful goddesses like Athena who was in the Greek church. Finally, Hephaestus creates this completely normal woman called Pandora. Zeus then sends this Pandora to the human world as a gift to Epimetheus. When sending her to the human world, Zeus gives Pandora an old box and tells her not to open this box for any reason. Time goes by. One day Pandora opens this box where she can't bear her curiosity. Zeus knew from the beginning that Pandora would open this box. It was in this box that Zeus wanted to give people the punishment.

Legend has it that before Pandora opened this box, the people of the world lived in a golden age. But with the opening of the box, a large number of poisonous thoughts like hatred, anger, envy, anger, etc., which Zeus had locked in it, are released into the world. Before this, people were a very egalitarian group of people, but with this punishment of Zeus, the world becomes a negative place. That is the punishment of Zeus. But the worst part was at the bottom of the box. That is 'hope'. No matter how bad the matches were, people started to hope that everything would be okay. In the end, that hope kept people alive.

No matter how hard Pandora tried to lock these thoughts and close the box, it didn't work. This is how the character of Pandora is created in Greek mythology. And Pandora was the most beautiful woman in the world.

While the legend of Pandora is like that, we can see several paintings and sculptures of Pandora around the world. Let's first look at the Pandora painting. This painting was created by John William Waterhouse in 1896. Currently, only one Ougalika showroom is on display.

We can see the Pandora statue since 1820 at the Muse des beaux - Arts de Lyon. It was completed in 1819 as a Neoclassical marble sculpture by Jean-Pierre Cortol in his Villa Medici. The site has been determined as 159 x 48 x 35cm.

According to this myth, the image of Pandora can be seen on Greek pottery as early as the 5th century BC, but some of them are still very obscure.

Anyway, according to this legend, things like hatred and envy are a punishment given to the world. Therefore, the best thing you can do as a human being is not to get caught up in such feelings.

See you next month with another interesting topic.