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A self-taught artist, be it a musician, painter, or a dancer, has a talent which is incomparable. They tap into their inner most being and bring out some of the most amazing skills we admire with awe. Today, we speak to one such painter who has given a new breath of life to the way we perceive nature and an abstract artist who finds joy in creating magic out of simple moments like raindrops falling on parched ground. He communicates his perspective using the most vibrant colors and skillful brush strokes which makes the audience fall in love ever so easily. There is a sense of calmness in the midst of the storms he creates. The journey so far has been a challenge, but it is art created by artists like Malinga Kumarasinghe who gives Aartzy the strength to carry forward. Let us find out more about Malinga's love for Art?

How long have your been painting and who are your greatest influencers?

I have been painting for the past 27 years. My Father is my greatest influencer. He is also an artist. It was and still is his way of life which taught me to enjoy nature, learn of colors and experiment on canvas. Little did I know that there was a hidden talent within and truly owe what I am today to my father!

Did you have a formal education on art and painting or are you self-taught?

I have no formal education on art, I am a self-taught artist. And I must say I am proud of what I have accomplished. There is so much freedom and so much that I learnt by experimenting with colors and a paint brush. It is a humbling experience.

Do you have a particular style? How did you become so passionate of this style?

I am an abstract modern artist. But I must say, I am not defined by this style. As I mentioned before, I prefer not to be categorized by the way I paint. If you happen to come across some of my paintings, you will find that I am very straight forward? I love nature and often capture day to day moments and bring them to life? I believe I became passionate of this from the inner satisfaction I received in completing a piece.

What are your other passions other than art? How have they contributed for you to become the artist you are today?

I enjoy watching Movies and listening to Music when I am not painting. I also enjoy nature. I gather inspiration from all of these mediums... For me, a walk along the lake or a good rhythm of music provides mental freedom and gives an opening for me to broaden my thinking and paint with ease.

Could you walk us through your process? Percentage wise, how much time do you spend preparing for the painting and how much time on the actual painting itself? Is preparation an important part of your process?

For me, I spend a lot of time preparing and it is an especially important aspect. Everything depends on the type of painting I aspire to create. Be it an abstract piece, a scenery, or a photograph, I love to use vibrant colors. And I must say that I strive to achieve perfection every time. Once I am satisfied with the tones, it is a matter of freely painting my thoughts on the canvas...

Are you engaged in new artistic adventures? How is an artistic exploration important to you as an artist and to your process? How do you then decide what to incorporate in to your style and what to leave as pure fun?

I am always on the look for new styles and methods of making art more alive! I think this is an important aspect for an artist as there are many new changes which take place every day. I try out certain methods which I find interesting and incorporate them into my work to see the outcome. Only If I am 100 % satisfied do I consider following through with the techniques.

Was there a particular moment where you could tell that your skills had just crossed over in to being an exceptionally good painter instead of a fairly good painter? What did you do to make that leap?

I honestly cannot say that myself. My skill or my talent is out on display for the world to see. If one of my clients praise my work then I know I have done well. I have grown as an artist over the years and learnt new techniques and I know I will continue to learn as this is a field which has so much potential!

How do you push yourself? Do you set goals for yourself? And if so, what are those goals? Do you think setting goals is important for an artist in his/her artistic journey? If so, why?

I constantly work towards developing my skills and abilities which I believe will help me create better art. I learn every day and as a professional artist I know that art keeps evolving and we need to keep ourselves updated.

How is your experience working with Aartzy? Do you think it is a useful platform for artists?

I am incredibly happy working with Aartzy. Previously it was a struggle for artists like me to market my paintings. And it is very costly to have exhibitions which enable us to reach a larger audience. It was honestly very discouraging, and we often found that art in general was not given a place in society. This online platform has helped me immensely and showcased my work across the globe. This has no doubt enabled me to have a better economic standard as well. I am extremely glad I am partnered with Janaka and his team. They are very professional in their work and their dedication is truly inspiring. I hope we build a long term relationship which is fruitful for both parties.

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