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A painting is all about taking an idea and communicating that idea to other people, an audience using paint and a brush. Most often, we only speak about the physical process of painting and how to create a beautiful piece on canvas. But this article aims to explore what happens before this; the process of taking an initial idea and turning it into something worth painting.

Being an artist requires a generosity of spirit, the willingness to see, hear, and feel. Art is not an ornament. It's a language. It can create a space to share and transcend boundaries. Your interests and your voice won't resonate with everyone, so invest in those who support your voice and your mission. An artist uses the material language of the world as art evolves with society. But we shouldn't forget the abilities that we have cultivated in ourselves. Our lives are overwhelmed with digital excess and technologies that can dull our senses. So be open, keep your senses awake!

As Pablo Picasso once said, Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working; it is important to capture every moment so you can develop them into something more amazing over time. Many artists, both amateurs and professionals keep a record of all the painting ideas. When they need inspiration or is in the process of planning a project, often these ideas come in handy.

When a new idea comes into mind, it is raw. Make sure to sketch it on a journal. If they are words, write them down. It is always better not to over analyze what you have noted, but think of it more as a download of your ideas. The initial spark of inspiration could be anything, a painting you love, the way the light shines on the water, the way the trees sway in the wind, the sky at sunrise. As an artist, you need to always be on the lookout for anything that inspires you.

Once you have an idea, it is better to let it rest for a while. Let your imagination work around it. Sometime, an idea may seem great at first, but over time it becomes less interesting. The you know it is time to move on. You also need to consider how you want to transfer this idea on to a canvas. There may be obstacles, but if the idea is worth pursuing, you will surely find a way.

Now that you have given your idea the time, if it still seems worth pushing through, the next step is to look at making improvements. There is always a better way to do something. If you have already worked on a sketch, see if you can add something to your painting or work on the color combinations. Remember, all this can be worked on, while leaving the foundation of the idea as it is.

Being an artist is challenging, it is not as easy as picking up a brush and painting something on a canvas. It takes patience, perseverance, determination and skill. Therefore, one must learn to consider all aspects prior to picking up an idea and running with it.