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We all want to give that gift that will delight and stand out. Here are a dozen great reasons you might not have thought of to consider visual art.

1. It's Personal

It's often said that taste in art is personal. It's true and this is a GOOD thing when you're hunting for the perfect gift for someone you care about. If you know someone's taste well enough to buy a piece of art for them, whether it's because it compliments their style, aligns with their interests or represents that vibrant spark in their personality you appreciate so much the gift will celebrate how close you are and show the thought you put in to it.

2. It's Unique

Art is one of a kind. This means your giftee will not find this present anywhere else and neither will any of their other friends! Go with original art and there is no way you'll be giving someone a dreaded (and embarrassing) repeat gift.

3. It's a Shared Experience

A present or experience? How about both! Art is obviously tangible but it is also an experience; of the artist, travel destination or art fair you purchased it from. As I talked about in the blog post Why Buy Original Art? it is also a powerful experience in and of itself.

4. It's a Shared Discovery

Everyone loves a passed on discovery! Think about music sharing or how the popularity of streaming shows grows by word of mouth. We love to be turned on to knew, up and coming creative sources by our friends. Be the taste-making maven!

5. They Won't Know How Much You Spent

You have a range of possibilities when it comes to visual art and it's nice to have a discreet price point for a gift. Your recipient won't ever pass a sale rack at Target and know exactly what you spent on their present.

6. It Could Appreciate in Value

Unlike the latest tech gadget, some super fancy soy candles, or heck, even a car, original art never becomes obsolete and often goes up in financial value as time goes on. Almost no other commodity does this. A piece of beauty to enjoy now could be financially or culturally significant down the road.

7. It Spark's Their Creativity

I've observed that people LOVE figuring out how to display their new art. Everyone wants to express themselves creatively but often people are intimidated (or lack time) to learn a new art form - but give them something to beautify their home or work environment and there will be no hesitation! Whether it's about framing and pairing the ideal mat and frame combination or just finding the perfect spot to place the art people, get in to it!

8. It's an Endless Conversation Piece

People love telling stories and art is always a great talking point. Your gift will not only delight in the moment and decorate, but be something your friends will talk about.

9. It's a Treat

An upside of art being seen as a luxury is that you'll be able to treat your giftee to something they may not have purchased on their own. When we're budgeting we often cut out the very things that uplift our lives. Art can bring as much pleasure as a box of chocolates or massage and it's calorie free and lasts forever!

10. They'll Keep it Forever

Art lasts and people tend to treasure their art collections. It can not be replaced so people often keep art through relocations, even generations. For a modest investment you can give someone a gift they will keep their entire lives.

11. It'll Become Part of their Life

You're gift won't just be a "jee, thanks" in the moment of unwrapping, it'll become a part of their daily life. I'm always touched to see my art prominently displayed in people's homes.

12. They'll Remember You

On top of all this, your friend will think you every time they look at their art. Wow.

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