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Chamila Dissanayake

Chamila Dissanayake

Contemporary Artist

Sri Lanka

Being a highly motivated, enthusiastic individual interested in Arts & amp; crafts as well as learning new technologies such as data analysis, mobile application developments, Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), etc. Chamila Dissanayake was born and grew up in a small town in Sri Lanka. He had a passion for art and mathematics from the time he was in school. He graduated as an Engineer from the Open University of Sri Lanka, thereafter he achieved his masters in Robert Gordon University in UK. Professionally he worked as a Software Engineer in several leading companies in Sri Lanka. But art is his life, and he always lives in his artistic talents.

He is a self-motivated enthusiastic artist, works with his own techniques and he always love to do fine arts with different kind of surfaces. The art of spring is to create new experiences. He strongly believes that it is a subject that needs to be interpreted in different ways. The fluidity of the brush strokes in his landscape paintings and paintings leaves a truly heart-warming emotion. His imagination and creativity are set to contradict the expressive textures he creates in his work. The distinctive texture of these paintings characterizes his work of physicality and tact.

Chamila Dissanayake always loves to work with range of mixed media such as thread arts, wood burning arts, acrylic arts, and oil paintings. His concept is the ability to apply his technical knowledge and experience to contemporary art to make it an attractive fine art. Also, his inner impulses are irrevocably scattered across the canvas and the simple essays with a large range of colors are intended to evoke a contemplative and meditative response in the viewer.

Notwithstanding, he has a strong influence on Renaissance art and his paintings are also characterized by contemporary art. Working with a series of mixed media, always uses his own methods and painting techniques the essence of Renaissance paintings; his works translate standard concepts of traditional art into a uniquely expressive form, and the colors and stories in his works of art are refreshing to the viewer's eye and have a visual impact.

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