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Nirdesha Munasinghe

Nirdesha Munasinghe

Contemporary Artist

Sri Lanka

Surreal and vibrant colors are the subject of Nirdesha Munasinghe's artwork. The artist explores a diverse range of topics, from food, nature and fashion while incorporating her curiosity and creativity along with each piece she creates. Nirdesha sees herself as a merger of a variety of themes and represents the world through a large vibrant kaleidoscope. She finds beauty in everything she is surrounded by and is amused by the diversity of art forms that are characterized by emotion. She truly believes that all branches of art have finally narrowed down to emotional expression, while her pieces are often centered on the abstract and imaginative expressions of emotion that people are reluctant to express.

Through Nirdesha's paintings she has developed a close kinship with the natural world, and visualizes it mythically and beautifully. The main purpose of her art is to motivate others to express themselves and find solace in painting. Her YouTube channel inspires audiences to find inspiration within the colorful footprints that she leaves behind. & amp; amp; nbsp;

Working with acrylics, oils, pastels and multiple mixed media, Nirdesha employs a bold color palette and fluid style to capture the essence of her world. Her work transforms standard notions of realism into a uniquely expressive form, while her imagination rejuvenates the eye of the viewer with fresh and bold colors. She is a fearless expressionist who experiments with unusual color combinations and paints crimson and mauve skies to capture her unique sense of creativity.

Nirdesha's paintings are conjured from self-learnt experiences and happy accidents. Her curiosity allows her to gather inspiration from a variety of artists, styles and techniques. Her artistic approach intertwines unnerving juxtapositions inspired from the paintings and illustrations of Edvard Munch, Giorgio de Chirico and David Renshaw.

Nirdesha has trained her imagination to root for a fantasy aspect of everyday creatures and objects, while her work reveals expressions of her personal experiences. She breaks the rules to dissect the real form of objects into a multitude of small facets that reflects the boldness and adds color to the world!

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