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Randima Madubhashana

Randima Madubhashana

Young and Energetic Contemporary Metal Sculptor

Sri Lanka

Randima Madhubashana from Sri Lanka is a young contemporary sculptor with a passion towards metal sculpting from his younger days. He believes that metal sculpting and working with metal gives him the opportunity to add a superior value and character to scrap metal which is usually considered worthless.

He has started his creation of metal masterpieces with him being qualified and enrolled into the Faculty of Visual Art in University of the Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Although the path to create beautiful sculptures was paved by the knowledge he gained from the university along with his natural skill, he has also gained significant knowledge regarding the skill development through reference of books and publications related to the field.

He feels that there is a huge gap between the aesthetic creations done in Sri Lanka and the world at present scenario and his objective is to do his part in taking quality of Sri Lankan sculpture to the world and reducing this reduce this gap and becoming a world renowned sculptor in the future.

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