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Urshella Hishaam

Urshella Hishaam

Inspirational Mixed Style Creator

Sri Lanka

Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Urshella Hishaam was always conditioned to believe that art could only be a hobby? a secondary interest? one that couldn't be a main focus. Obediently, she put her head down and studied all the way to a double degree in Physics and Chemistry from Harvard University with honors. But among the turmoil of this pandemic, she finally found some time to dig up any remaining fragments of creativity and started painting a few pieces for family and friends as gifts; a broke recent graduate's final resort. Along the way Urshella rediscovered her love for creating pieces of art.

During her time spent in labs doing Physics research, she had always looked for links, trends, similarities and the slight nuances within those similarities, to study and analyze. It has become her default way of seeing the world around her. So much so that Urshella found herself, finding links and similarities between different pieces of art that she always gravitated towards during the free time. That is where Urshella drew her inspiration from. Her work attempts to establish a common ground between paintings and photographs produced in vastly different eras, environments, and contexts. Despite all these differences, she focused on the underlying emotion conveyed through the separate pieces to bring them together.

She is eagerly waiting for you all to experience these common grounds yourselves in her work!

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