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Arun Perera

Creative / Content

Arun Perera

Arun is a professional writer who likes to think of himself as an imaginative, innovative and internally motivated individual. He has a double degree from Monash University in Business and Electronic Commerce and is currently employed as a technical writer at a medical research facility. He was also employed as Assistant Manager of Business Development for 9 years as an at a major logistics service provider, before his current assignment.

In addition to his day job, Arun engages in freelance content writing for websites, journalism and creative writing for social media marketing and in the context of providing descriptive narrations for art and photographs.

Writing for Arun is more of a passion than a profession and often a past-time. His interests span towards drama and film, and thereby has written and produced many stage-plays over the years. His most recent venture is a short film script which is currently in the process of being converted into the actual thing.

Arun is also an author of Christian books. In early 2018 he self-published his first book titled "Salvation - To be led by the Spirit", which is currently available in print and kindle versions and is currently working on his next publication "Kingdom Fighters". He manages a non-profit media channel called Jesus Media which is dedicated to sharing content relating to the Christian faith featuring popular online Christian programs such as "Coffee Chats" and "Amplified".

Creativity and self-expression have always been at the helm of his desires combining the NEW whilst protecting the values and principles of Life. Arun is versatile in his roles and often merges his education and experience in business with a creative outlook to provide written content that's is both engaging and fruitful.