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Carved from the wood of the mahogany tree is the woman who concealed the most sought-after object– Buddha’s Left Tooth Relic in the coils of her hair. Hemamala is a legendary woman in the history of Sri Lanka and is the epitome of courage and determination. This carving has been hand made by giving prominence to intricate detail complimenting the feminine beauty of Princess Hemamala. Her coiled up hair radiates the divine light of the Sacred Tooth Relic while strengthening her and making her more courageous. This carving is inspired by a twentieth century wall painting in the temple of Kelaniya by a local artist Solius Mendis. It is one of the most popular Sri Lankan paintings and this carving has been hand crafted to represent the significance of this incident in Sri Lankan history.

Ancient Princess

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Creator: Anusha Handicrafts

SKU: 90000-WH-AH

Categories: Sculpture, Wall Hangings

TagsSculpture,Wall Hangings

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Medium Wood
Medium Type Teak
Size (W x D x H) 36 x 16 x 1.5 in


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