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Nudity in my eyes is a magnificent series by Ricardo Maya with the characteristics of surrealism. This surreal expression is also including nudity and a mixture of Magic Realism too. As Ricardo explains, in Latin America in general, the legends and myths have been consider as if they are real and the moment comes when the border between the magic and the real is indefinable. For him surrealism is a spiritual and pictorial rest. When he has been doing cubism for a long time and when he feels tired with the expression, he goes to surrealism to recognize himself in another environment, practice drawing and painting in a more academic way without giving up his imagination. "I want to emphasize that in many cubist works there is also surrealism and vice versa," Ricardo says. First disappointment is a surreal expression of the moment a girl loses her virginity for the first time. The dragon represents struggle, strength, and is seen as a guardian who helps maintain the order that leads to the beginning of a universe or the discovery of a sacred place. In this case the sacred moment is the loss of virginity, sex for the first time. The moment of insecurity and uncertainty that cannot be recovered mentally or physically. It is the feeling of ecstasy and overwhelms of pleasure and fear at the same time.

First Disappointment - Nudity in my Eyes Series

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