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Captivating the audience is this beautiful creation titled 'Guiding light' which through a rather simplistic approach conveys a deep meaning of how a mother guides her child through the journey of life. Represented by two lamps shining bright, the creator draws focus to the primary scene by setting it against a thick black backdrop. Invite your audience to delve in this meaningful creation which shows how a mother extends the example of her life symbolized by the bright lamp in her hands to her child to light his own flame.

Guiding Light

139.99 - 689.99


Creator: Chaminda Jayasekara

SKU: 10036-AP-CJ

Categories: Photography, Art Photography

TagsPhotography,Art Photography

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Medium Digital Print on Canvas , High-Quality Photo Print with Cold Lamination
Orientation Landscape
Size 10 x 14 in , 14 x 20 in , 18 x 26 in , 27 x 39 in
Frame 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame , 1 inch Black Fiber Frame


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