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I love the port of Hamburg with its Elb philharmonic, quirky tugboats, insect-like cranes and the whole friendly lively atmosphere on the waterfront. In the distance, you can always see the bell tower of the Michel. But how can one paint sounds? The sound of the bells of the Michel? Rapid runs of notes on the piano from the concert in the Elb philharmonic? The sound of voices, ship sirens and the S-Bahn? I don't really know, but I tried in this painting. Through an interlocking of shapes and colors, through a harmony of the various elements in the picture, through the multitude of details that make up the harbor atmosphere in the midst of which the Elb philharmonic has been enthroned for a few years. * Professionally Framed * Securely Shipped in a Crate * Tracking Available * Worldwide Shipping Offered


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