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Thousand Faces of a Woman: Bird Series This series which started in 2010 has been a tribute to the creator's mother and the women he met in his lifetime who shaped him as an artist and a compound human being. This series is inspired by the diary of his mother left when she died. In the beginning he painted sad women like Picasso's painting: 'Woman in the Mirror' and later he shifted into images which symbolized his mother who was much stronger, classy and confident, which was quite contrary in her character compared to Picasso's 'Woman in the mirror'. 'Thousand Faces of a Woman' series, pictorially a mix of surrealism, neo cubism, art deco, Japanese manga and pop art which shows the creator's personal freedom of expression. The creator brings out a unique semiotic or symbolic meaning of each portrait in woman's hair, an element which is like a crown of her personal kingdom. It is an allegory to life. It can be the marine world, birds, cars, butterflies, loneliness or hope. According to the creator, women in his series are also representing the life and nature at the same time.

Her Hummingbird Soul II

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