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Featured in this mesmerizing creation is the picturesque scene of the rampart walls which form the outer layer of protection of the mighty kingdom, Sigiriya. As with any successful protection mechanism the ramparts are made up of several layers of protection which are designed to keep the enemies at bay. Do not be fooled by the still waters that mirror the beauty of the surrounding landscape as they are known to house an army of ferocious crocodiles waiting to devour trespassers.

Layers of Protection

$ 139.99 - $ 689.99


Creator: Chaminda Jayasekara

SKU: 20079-LP-CJ

Categories: Photography, Landscape Photography

TagsPhotography,Landscape Photography

  • Digital Prints on Canvas
  • Worldwide Free Doorstep Delivery
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Medium Digital Print on Canvas , High-Quality Photo Print with Cold Lamination
Size 10 x 14 in , 14 x 20 in , 18 x 26 in , 27 x 39 in
Orientation Landscape
Frame 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame , 1 inch Black Fiber Frame


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