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The lotus flowers bloomed to announce the birth of the Lord Buddha in sacred Lumbini. The most profound symbolic meaning the lotus flower gives is that though it lives in muddy ponds, rooted in mud, its flowers and leaves are never dirty. This represents a righteous way of life by upholding the Lord Buddha’s teachings without becoming tainted by the material world. The wooden carving recreates the image of the birth of Lord Buddha and portrays the significance it holds in Buddhist history.

Lotuses of Righteousness

$ 2,724.99


Creator: Anusha Handicrafts

SKU: 90004-WH-AH

Categories: Sculpture, Wall Hangings

TagsSculpture,Wall Hangings

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Size (W x D x H) 26 x 25 x 8 in
Medium Wood
Medium Type Mahogany


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