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The Hamburg many wonderful piano concerts I have been able to attend there in recent years...and hopefully soon again! Painting and making music are very closely related for me. The feeling of having to play a tone exactly in this way and not in any other way is very similar to the feeling that a painting needs this or that colour or form exactly at this and no other place in order to achieve its optimal expression. Of course, this feeling does not always come immediately, neither in music nor in painting; often it has to be fought for, sometimes it does not come up, but sometimes it is immediately present. These are then true moments of happiness. In this case the result is a semi-abstract painting with the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, St. Michael's Church and a bit of a harbor atmosphere with the characteristic tugboats. Through the expressive gestures of colour in the sky and the play with the tones of the glass façade, the viewer could get an impression of music...which might be heard in his imagination inside the concert hall.


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