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Mystic Fiction Series This series is a mixture of surrealism and magical realism. It is loaded with artist's personal symbols but the main quality is metaphysics. Objects defy all physical qualities to bring the symbol's meaning to magic. In each painting main character (Geisha, jaguar, fish, rooster, and snail) establishes a hierarchy of presence and dominance. However, the surrounding elements are the channels of dialogue for the discourse. Each character of Mystic Fiction series is immersed in a world of struggle and perseverance. The world renowned Otorongo; the American Jaguar has a very important and preserved place in Ricardo's imagination and his canvas he considered as another reflection of his dreams. Otorongo; the American Jaguar is an animal that symbolizes the claw, energy and disposition. In general, jaguars represent a great internal force to win. Through Otorongo: Magical Jaguar painting Ricardo tries to bring out one's inner desire for victory.

Otorongo: Magical Jaguar

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