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Looking in to this piece of art, one can only feel a sense of calmness and a wave of peace. Amongst all the chaos in the present day where greed and jealousy reign one soul conquered the mind and gave the world a path to follow. The image is beautifully created as even though the artist has illustrated the brush-strokes to be frenzied the outcome is simply stunning and the choice of color brings light on to the canvas edifying each detail of the piece. It is perfect for any living space and a subtle reminder that serenity is within your reach.


$ 719.99


Creator: Aryawansa Kumarasinghe

SKU: 30106-CU-AK


Categories: Painting, Cultural Paintings

TagsPainting,Cultural Paintings

  • Acrylic Painting on Canvas
  • Hand-Painted
  • Worldwide Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Secure Delivery in a Custom Made Wooden Box
  • Amazing Value for Money
Orientation Portrait
Size 30 x 40 in
Medium Acrylic
Frame 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame , 1 inch Grayish Black Mahogany Frame , 1.5 inch Off White Fiber Frame , 1.25 inch Black Fiber Frame , 1.75 inch Dark Brown Fiber Frame , 1.75 inch Dull Gold Fiber Frame , 2 inch Teak Brown Mahogany Frame


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