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Her Rainbow Hair Series In many cultures the rainbow has a unique meaning which is always related to deities or spiritual moments. In 'Her Rainbow Hair' series, Ricardo uses the rainbow to represent a state of grace, a unique moment of balance, beauty and goodness. It is a trace state, a quiet dance, like a colored melody in a personal universe. 'Her Rainbow Hair' series is a tribute to the Afro-descendant woman of the Caribbean. Women Ricardo grew up with, and misses from Nicaragua. In his unique collection of paintings it is evident the Spanish and African influences in Cuban culture and its special flavor of different races which bring a huge amount of joy and wisdom in return. Similar to Ricardo's 'Her many faces', the different characters accompanied with 'Her rainbow hair' represents different characteristic of the person in the portrait. Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness and still become something beautiful. Butterfly is the ideal metaphor to describe the woman who has been subjected to Ricardo's this portrait as it reflect her remarkable courage to stand still against all odds

The Butterfly Soul II

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