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Detailed to the extent that it might be often mistaken to be a photograph, this beautiful monochromatic acrylic is one which is of high artistic value. Using only shading techniques, the lack of color does not hinder the creator's ability to bring to life this scene where a humble shepherd boy tends to his herd. Watch them go on their way as they peacefully go back to their home united as one after a long day.

The Shepherd Boy

$ 2,759.99


Creator: Prakash Mena

SKU: 60328-MO-PM

Categories: Painting, Modern Paintings

TagsPainting,Modern Paintings

  • Acrylic On Canvas Painting on Canvas
  • Hand-Painted
  • Worldwide Free Doorstep Delivery
  • Secure Delivery in a Custom Made Wooden Box
  • Amazing Value for Money
Size 48 x 72 in
Orientation Landscape
Medium Acrylic On Canvas
Frame 1 inch Stretcher (Box) Frame


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