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49 days, 11 hours ago

Nathan Smith

Perfect for my home

I was skeptical at first but I fell in love with the painting. Since the price was fair, I took a chance. I was pleasantly surprised to receive this beautiful painting, professionally stretched and packaged delivered to my door step. Brilliant service...

64 days, 11 hours ago

Adrian Mulder

Brilliantly Done

Mysterious piece. Delivered well packaged. Was ready to hang. Love it.

70 days, 11 hours ago

Vikram Chatterjee

Happy with the buy

This is a beautiful piece and it was well handled by the professional Aartzy team. Hope they will do well...

106 days, 11 hours ago

Vidusha Nathawitharana

Loved it...

Loved the space ! Loved the art... it was wonderful to see some careful thought in curating the items and the themes! Would but for sure !

119 days, 11 hours ago

Errol Pereira

Flames of Passion

Aartzy has the great collection of varied masterpieces to decorate your home and office. check them out.....

124 days, 11 hours ago

William Roebuck

Amazing Depiction

This is a true recreation of a truly beautiful natural location. Hats off to the artist.

127 days, 11 hours ago

Jacob Hendriks

After the initial confusion, Aartzy team handled it very well

I was initially confused about how the shipping is gonna take place. But Aartzy team managed the situation beautifully and the picture was delivered perfectly packages in a customs box. Hats off to everyone...

153 days, 11 hours ago

Jason Andrew

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, item well packaged and kept well informed throughout.

217 days, 11 hours ago

Frank Williams

I am totally happy

This amazing painting makes my home beautiful everyday. Came well packaged in a box frame. All I had to do was open the package and hang it. Well recommended place to buy art...

219 days, 11 hours ago

Siddle Pickering

Beauty of an Ethnic Smile

Such a blessing to have such a platform to showcase and encourage creativity, in which I see an increase in interest. Great job!

273 days, 11 hours ago

Fallen Joseph

Beauty of Motherhood

Motherhood is a precious gift and this painting beautifully represents this amazing human ability. I am so glad that I bought this precious gift.

292 days, 11 hours ago

Thara Charles

Sultry Painting

So many to choose from, beautiful art and high quality paintings. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.

309 days, 11 hours ago

Michael Bennet

Brilliant Landscape

This is one of my favorite pieces. The attention to detail is simply amazing.

347 days, 13 hours ago



This is truly beautiful. Wish I can buy this...

one year ago

Rajiv Desmond

Blooms in Full Moon

Super paintings. vibrant colours.

one year, 70 days ago

Marisa Sellyah

Beautiful Piece

Beautiful pieces of art for the discerning buyer at very reasonable prices.

one year, 89 days ago

Anton D.

Glorious Artwork

It’s very difficult to take a caption like this and the creator’s patience is greatly depicted in this

one year, 89 days ago

Silvia F.

Great Looking

Painting has been well received and looks great on the wall, very surprised with how good it looks.

one year, 90 days ago

Kalinda P.

Great Value for Monery

Beautiful piece of art for the discerning buyer at a very reasonable price.

one year, 90 days ago

Anthony T.

Artist skills well displayed

This is a beautiful abstract which clearly portrays the creator’s skill as an artist. A very good piece to own.

one year, 94 days ago

Chamarie F.


This is a truly wonderful portrayal of Muddy Blue River. Superb skills…

one year, 94 days ago

Eraj G.

I love it

Love it Great service

one year, 94 days ago

Janice C.

Thank you

Love the painting. Very happy.

one year, 96 days ago

Michael S.


This is a true depiction of a brilliant landscape painting. Beautiful.

one year, 117 days ago

Hashan C.

Battle in the Waves

I think this is most valuable and creative designs in the world. Highly recommend this page, website and their products.

one year, 117 days ago

Joe Soseph

Love it

Quality has it's cost. Worth shopping at Aartzy.

one year, 137 days ago

Victor R.

Broken Mirrors

I must say this is a fantastic initiative to have such wonderful art easily accessible to buyers globally. Absolute value for money. Utterly and truly satisfied with the purchases made.

one year, 148 days ago

Samuel P.

Before the Axe Strikes

Good venture and opportunity

one year, 216 days ago

Aingaran Jerry

Silent Tears

Good initiative, gives value for your spent

one year, 312 days ago

David A.

Meeting of the Gods

When you’ve made an investment in artwork you love, it’s worth ab extra effort from here.

one year, 313 days ago

Upendra D.

Urban Directionality

Excellent, Creative collection for Art Lovers. I shall surely recommend for those of interest. All the best!

one year, 314 days ago

Jimmy R.


Finally someone that can promote local talent as well as make art accessible to all!

one year, 321 days ago

Arun P.

Dancing in the Rain

Best collection of Art on the web!

one year, 350 days ago

Sonali S.

Lifeless Stems

Would recommend to anyone... 100% value for money!

one year, 351 days ago

Lalinda D.

Unseen Heartache

Super collection of Art. prompt delivery. keep up the good work.

2 years, 43 days ago

Ruzan N.

Greta Rogue

Great place for the arteeeez! Hurry up to get your art reserved, super duper place!

2 years, 65 days ago

Andre D.

Golden Sunset

Awesome works of art !! wow.

2 years, 76 days ago

Dinesh D.

Jacobs Well

Good and trustfull one can strongly recommend

2 years, 137 days ago

Georgina P.

The Provider

Aartzy got the amazing arts which gives a beautiful atmosphere to your living space full of nature and humanity.. Really appreciate the creativity.. Good Luck Aartzy!

2 years, 147 days ago

Chameera T.

Look into my Eyes

Aartzy have a superb collection of art to give your place an awesome look.

2 years, 151 days ago

Manesha D.

Memory of Guilt

It is absolutely wonderful to know that there is a platform for Art in Sri Lanka.. Highly recommend this page and the website for anyone who is interested in art and those keen on adding creativity and color to their home or work place.

2 years, 154 days ago

Supun D.

Voyage to Uncertainty

Got a great collection, highly recommended!

2 years, 229 days ago

Kasun W.

Honey Bee in a Hive

High quality art products have in this site. Quickly select your favorite pieces.

2 years, 348 days ago

Asela T.

Finding Harmony Within

Great value for money. Extremely glad I chose Aartzy.

3 years, 24 days ago

Seevali D.

The Governor

A spectacular collection of beautiful and inspiring art. Nothing but admiration for the wonderful duo who created this space that would surely bring out the art aficionado in anyone.

3 years, 25 days ago

Primani W.

Synchronized Soul

Fantastic selection of some amazing pieces of art. Brilliant initiative !!

3 years, 35 days ago

Rishan W.

Quenched Thirst

Whatever your taste in art maybe they have it. And you can expect the best service to go with that.

3 years, 45 days ago

Pulasthi S.

The Day of Judgement

Very creative pieces of work by very talented bunch of artists.

3 years, 103 days ago

Pokemon World Momo

Peacock Plumage

Hi there it’s me, I am also visiting this website daily, this website is truly nice and the users are really sharing pleasant thoughts.