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Aartzy is an internet marketplace for original paintings. You can search, select and buy original paintings online. We will get it packed, framed (if required) and delivered straight to your doorstep or a designated delivery point.

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Aartzy is an internet marketplace for original paintings. You can search, select and buy original paintings online. We will get it packed, framed (if required) and delivered straight to your doorstep or a designated delivery point. In this section, you can browse through original paintings that originate from multiple countries, influenced by many cultures and created through personal experiences with the purpose of finding that one painting that touches your heart and soul.

At Aartzy we strive to bring together all those in connection with visual art. You may be an art lover, a collector whose hobby is to do with paintings, a homeowner whose looking for decoration ideas, an interior designer or an enthusiast, it doesn't matter. This is the site where we connect you to the art and its creator. High quality original paintings are just a click away. You will find original oil paintings, acrylic paintings, modern paintings and more here at Aartzy. No sooner you find what you are looking for in just a few clicks you can instantly purchase it online. We even give you the luxury of choosing the currency of your choice to complete the transaction. Then, the fun begins! on your behalf, we will pick it up, frame it (if required), pack it, ship it and deliver it in original quality and the perfect condition to your doorstep ready to be displayed in your setting.

Aartzy - The online shop for original paintings

Why buy original paintings online through Aartzy

Aartzy is a global art gallery that provides a service not just for the art lover looking to purchase an amazing painting, but also provides a service to artist who is looking for a global audience for his or her creation. Geographical boundaries in no way limit what we can do for you. It doesn't matter where you are or where the painting is, we ensure you can see it, purchase it and have it by your side in no time. Aartzy incorporates many popular social media platforms in offering the customer an opportunity to visualize how the painting would look like in his or her room, studio, hall or office. A virtual representation of each painting hung in displayed in a custom setting is posted via all our linked social media accounts.

The original paintings online in this selection derive from artists all over the world. These works of art are exquisite in terms of their creative expression, application of shades, usage of varied forms of mediums and methods, out-of-the-box design incorporating light & amp; amp; amp; amp; shade, texture and tone. They are unique and original. Each painting illustrates a story that can be interpreted in many ways when seen in different angles. Thus, brining both mystery and awe in every work of art. Therefore, the original paintings featured on this site are exclusive and unique as they range from portrait to landscape, from reality to abstract , wildlife to oceanic, and connect seamlessly with your soul in providing the art that you have been looking for all this time.

Unique and Original Paintings

The uniqueness of a painting can be judged by the combination of shades, technique, medium, sketch patterns and inspiration. These combinations take different shapes and outlooks when filtered through culture, country, individual experiences and opinions of the artist. Aartzy features a vast range of artists and their works that originate from various backgrounds in life and geographical locations. Thus, contributing to an infinite array of unique and original oil paintings.

The site enables you to filter the original paintings based on a favored artist thereby making it easier for you to zero in on the art that you are looking for. A specific style of drawing that connects with you more than any other can be hunted so that your selection is more accurate to your need. This is why Aartzy is the preferred choice to buy original paintings online.

Original Paintings of high quality

The quality of a painting lies in its base, canvas preparation and often the quality of the mediums used in the process. All paintings featured on Aartzy are handpicked through scrutiny of attributes that would result in long lasting painting with no discoloration caused in transit or in location. You will receive the painting well packed and in perfect condition.

Quality is not only measured in terms how long lasting the painting is, but also by the creativity, originality and clever use of color and shade mingled with detail in the sketch. Every painting on Aartzy is a creation that includes all these qualities and much more. The high quality in texture and ambience that resonates off every painting is a testament to the collection showcased on Aartzy.

Creative Original paintings

The creativity that is put into a painting is arguably the most sort after characteristic of any art lover. Creativity in design, application of shades, technique and mediums is always an area on interest. You will find that these areas are well explored by the artist who are featured on Aartzy. The paintings that makeup this collection are rich in creativity. There diversity and originality are unmatched by any other collection you would find on the internet.

The artist often expresses his or her emotions through various colors and sketches on canvas. This is what original paintings are all about. Whether it be oil, acrylic, water base or sketch, the creativity applied is usually a direct result of culture. When browsing through Aartzy, you will find that the paintings that originate from each region and continent in the world have both contrasts and similarities in creative expression. This revelation will make your journey through Aartzy an exciting adventure in itself.

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Kos Walking Through a Bluebell Forest

Kos Cos

  • SKU : 60578-MO-KG
  • Category : Modern Paintings
Laid-back Lives

Rhuani Rambukwelle

  • SKU : 30197-CU-RRA
  • Category : Cultural Paintings
Fighting Evil

Shashintha Dilhani

  • SKU : 60809-MO-SHD
  • Category : Modern Paintings
Young Monk

Janaka Chaminda

  • SKU : 60750-MO-JC
  • Category : Modern Paintings

W. A. Jayaratne

  • SKU : 30755-CU-WAJ
  • Category : Cultural Paintings
Modern Paradise

Anil Kumar

  • SKU : 40295-LA-AKO
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
An Encounter

Punsara Udara

  • SKU : 20358-AN-PUU
  • Category : Animal Paintings
The Leader Speaks

Nilantha Vidanarachchi

  • SKU : 40200-LA-NV
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
  • Prints : Available

$ 2,049.99 Prints Available

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder III

Rasadi Jayalath

  • SKU : 61045-MO-RJA
  • Category : Modern Paintings
On the way Home

Sunil Lakshman

  • SKU : 40533-LA-SL
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
Obscure Drip

Arya Trimni Putra

  • SKU : 10123-AB-ATP
  • Category : Abstract Paintings
Freedom of Speech - Woman with Cat IV

Chammika Jayawardana

  • SKU : 60627-MO-CHJ
  • Category : Modern Paintings
Growing in the Wild!

Uresha Nethmini

  • SKU : 40847-LA-UNE
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
Psychedelic Evenings

Nisansala Dilrukshi

  • SKU : 40750-LA-NID
  • Category : Landscape Paintings

Jeremy Rose

  • SKU : 10216-AB-JR
  • Category : Abstract Paintings
Fire & Ice

Aryawansa Kumarasinghe

  • SKU : 40002-LA-AK
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
Sails Set

Malinga Kumarasinghe

  • SKU : 40250-LA-MK
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
  • Prints : Available

$ 869.99 Prints Available

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Calm Waters

Nuwan Darshana

  • SKU : 40584-LA-ND
  • Category : Landscape Paintings
Free Spirit

Manjula Karunatilleke

  • SKU : 60766-MO-MAK
  • Category : Modern Paintings
Behind the Facade

Anil Kumar

  • SKU : 60288-MO-AKO
  • Category : Modern Paintings