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Aartzy is a marketplace for creators of sculptures to sell their wonderful works of art and for art lovers, homeowners, collectors, enthusiast, basically anyone looking to buy sculptures online.

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Aartzy is a marketplace for creators of sculptures to sell their wonderful works of art and for art lovers, homeowners, collectors, enthusiast, basically anyone looking to buy sculptures online. The site enables you to search from a wide range of sculptures created by artists from around the world, select the creation that speaks to your heart and buy sculpture online. Packing, shipping and delivery will all be handled by us. So, all you need to do is click and wait. In no time the sculpture you desire will be right by your side.

We at Aartzy have a passion for forming relationships. Our goal is to bring together all those involved in the world of art and then watch the magic unfold. Artists are given a platform and art lovers find the sculptures that they have been looking for. We connect the dots in a way that both the creator and buyer is satisfied while the creation itself is marveled by all. Aartzy contains high quality original sculptures are just a click away. Navigation is designed to make it faster and easier to find the desired piece of art. Once you have found what you want the rest is even easier. We provide the option for you to select the preferred currency of your choice to complete the transaction in the manner that suites you best. Then sit back and enjoy the excitement as we pick it up, pack it, ship it and deliver the sculpture in perfect condition to your doorstep.

Aartzy - The online shop for original sculpture

Why buy sculptures online through Aartzy

Aartzy contains works of art that are diverse in every way. This section features sculptures that derive from creators who are located and originate from diverse cultures, environments, social spheres, backgrounds, upbringings and experiences. This diversity is imprinted in every sculpture that is on display on the site. Geographical and intellectual boundaries do not inhibit the exchange of art here on Aartzy. It doesn't matter where in the world you are or who you are, on this platform you can find an exquisite sculpture that is perfect for your surroundings and taste and buy it online. Therefore, Aartzy is truly a global art gallery that provides a service not just for the art lover looking to purchase an amazing painting, but also provides a service to artist who is looking for a global audience for his or her creation. We use social media to offer art lovers an option to visualize what the sculpture would look like when its placed in a living room, bedroom, toilet, hall and many other common settings for such creation. Making it easier for you to decide on the sculpture you want.

Every sculpture is tells a beautiful story that can be interpreted in many ways. It influences the surroundings it inhabits by creating an ambiance within itself that resonates throughout the environment. So the sculptures that are featured on this site is much more than just art.

Buy sculptures online that are unique and original

Sculptures can be detail or abstract. They come in varied shapes and sizes. Some directly represent the subject while others are subtle in the delivery of the message. Whichever way you look at it, you will find that the sculptures that make up the collection here on Aartzy are unique in every way one from another. The techniques used to create these works and the objects included in the creation varies from artist to artist. Mostly influenced by the artists creative expression that formed by his or her culture and experiences.

The site lets take advantage of the diversity and originality of each artist by providing an option to filter the sculptures on display by artist. This way you can target your search based on particular style or trait incorporated by your favored creator to find the sculpture that best suits your liking, taste and location.

Original Sculptures of high quality

The application and interpretation of the material used (also known as the mass) upon the three-dimensional area (also known as space) signifies the quality of a sculpture. The variations are endless but the skill in which these attributes are maneuvered within the sculpture is what sets each work of art over the rest. You will find in Aartzy every sculpture is scrutinized to be included in our collection. Only the best of the best is showcased here.

Quality is not only measured in the above terms but is also based on the creativity and uniqueness of each sculpture. The material used in the creation is tested for long lasting and guaranteed to only make the trip to you in perfect condition but also to be a part of your life and surroundings for long years to come.

Creative Original sculptures

Materials used in a sculpture form a strong link with creativity and message the artist projects through the creation. The use of industrial material as opposed to standard mediums such as clay or vis-a-versa is decision made based in creative expression. The constant evolving techniques are a testament to the vibrancy in the art of sculpting. Aartzy captures all the variety and originality of this delicate art form. This is evident when perusing through our vast and diverse collection of sculptures.

Time frames often give rise to a certain style or shape of sculpting. This is also found in origin. These influences are brightly spread throughout the selection. This is due to the fact that Aartzy is not limited by era's nor by geography. So, the art lover gets more than he or she bargained for in terms of creativity when browsing through the selection. The sculptures are unique, each different in interpretation and ambiance, thereby guaranteeing you satisfaction of finding the sculpture that connects with your heart and soul.

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